Pottuvil, Sri Lanka

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Stardust Beach Hotel Pottuvil

Stardust Beach Hotel Pottuvil

4.00 211 reviews

Stardust hotel road, Pottuvil, Sri Lanka

Arugambay Surf Resort Pottuvil

Arugambay Surf Resort Pottuvil

4.00 122 reviews

Main Street, Pottuvil, Sri Lanka

The Danish Villa Hotel Pottuvil

The Danish Villa Hotel Pottuvil

4.50 121 reviews

\N, Pottuvil, Sri Lanka

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Arugam Bay: Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka travel blog

Arugam Bay: Sri Lanka

A travel blog entry by tom_hollie_2010

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... recommended to head to the Hill Country and East Coast so we decided to spend a few days in Arugam Bay and Ella. Unfortunately Sri Lanka’s transport system is one of the worst we have encountered. From Colombo it is an 8 hour journey to Arugam Bay ...

Climbing the cliffs. . ., Ragalla, Sri Lanka travel blog

Climbing the cliffs. . .

A travel blog entry by bloomer

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... littering the countryside--they use more refillable and recyclable bottles and home made bags from old newspaper as well. Infrastructure----Sri Lanka. When I hear people complaining about the "rough" roads, and bumpy buses I have to laugh a little ...

From tea to Tamil Tigers., Arugam bay, Potovil, Sri Lanka travel blog

From tea to Tamil Tigers.

A travel blog entry by bloomer

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... , which you will read about shortly, if you so care to turn the page to the next entry. . . . * "Arrack" is a liquor in Sri Lanka, made from coconut juice, fermented and distilled to about 70 proof, and drunk profusely by the men, generally in ...

Paradise in Panama, Panama, Sri Lanka travel blog

Paradise in Panama

A travel blog entry by thymeoff

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... completely oblivious to what was happening around them. Alternately, they might photograph the varied flowers of the area, including Sri Lanka’s national flower - the pale blue lotus or Nymphaea nouchal. It was later that afternoon during our drive ...