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Free house, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka travel blog

Free house

A travel blog entry by sy_and_em


... we had to stand in the open doorway. It was the most bumpiest train we've ever been on. When we got to Colombo we got a bus to Ja Ela. The whole journey cost us rs370 for 3 hours travel. Roshan picked us up (after we had KFC!) and took us to one of his 3 ...

Home Sweet New Home, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka travel blog

Home Sweet New Home

A travel blog entry by whitewabbit


... on a farm or in contact with domestic animals – but then they asked me for the address where I was staying in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, I had not written down George’s address and this appeared to be something that the individual that I was ...

Happy Birthday Dear Wilma, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka travel blog

Happy Birthday Dear Wilma

A travel blog entry by sophiebish


... my teats'. Oh well. So, yesterday was my birthday and it was a great one. All the guys here on placements and living in the Ja-Ela house made a real effort and I had a birthday card from them in the morning and we arranged to go out in the evening. ...

Leeches Suck, Ja-Ela, Sinharaja, Sri Lanka travel blog

Leeches Suck

A travel blog entry by sophiebish


... was an aussie bbq and the whole building had such an authentic feel to it that you could have forgotten you were in Sri Lanka. There was the obligatory cheesy music and therefore also the equally obligatory cheesy dancing but it was all good. And because ...