Dambulla, Sri Lanka

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Cavallino Bianco family spa Grand Hotel Ortisei

Cavallino Bianco family spa Grand Hotel Ortisei

4.50 2748 reviews

\N, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Pelwehera Village Resort Dambulla

Pelwehera Village Resort Dambulla

3.50 142 reviews

Bulagala Junction, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

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Dambulla Caves, Dambulla, Sri Lanka travel blog

Dambulla Caves

A travel blog entry by roseyben

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Today we are up at 7.30am and head off to Dambulla Cave temples. It's an hour's drive and we pay the 500rs as it's not included in the triangle ticket. It's another climbing day and we tackle winding paths and lots of steps, but it's well worth the hike ...

Lost in Antiquity, Dambulla, Sigyria, and Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka travel blog

Lost in Antiquity

A travel blog entry by cosmicllama

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... paintings of Lord Buddha. It is a remarkably peaceful environment, save for the mangy monkeys chattering loudly outside the caves. Dambulla was the highlight of our day. Following the cave temples we made a quick stop at Sigiriya, an enormous rock ...

Cave Buddhas, Dambulla, Sri Lanka travel blog

Cave Buddhas

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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... that effectively said your running and climbing days are finished. I only mention this because one of the most important sites in Sri Lanka is the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya and the climb is almost mandatory. Sigiriya is not a particularly long climb but ...

Rebel Country, North and Central, Sri Lanka travel blog

Rebel Country

A travel blog entry by lucky

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... he reached for a pen "call Mr. Siva, he will help you." Mr. Siva worked for the ICRC, an International body in Sri Lanka responsible for ensuring that both sides of the conflict conducted their warfare in accordance to the Geneva convention. He was in ...

Attractions in Dambulla

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Golden Cave Temple

Golden Cave Temple


Dambulla, Sri Lanka

The Golden Cave Temple is a cave-temple complex that dates back before the 2nd century. It is a religious site that is significant to buddhist and hindu faiths.