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Accidental Porn Stop, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka travel blog

Accidental Porn Stop

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

This is a top pick!

... I had not planned was the  20 check points my bus would encounter getting there.  The war between the LTTE and the Sri Lanakan government is mainly in the north but the closer you get the more check points you encounter.  Check ...

Aurudu - Sri Lankan New Year, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka travel blog

Aurudu - Sri Lankan New Year

A travel blog entry by salcat


... preparation because it would not be good luck for the new year ahead to use an old pot - everything is a new start.  A Sri Lankan was telling me that their mother has passed away a couple of months earlier. When somebody passes away in your family ...

Buses and Bikes in Batti, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka travel blog

Buses and Bikes in Batti

A travel blog entry by thestewarts


... we had everything we needed and giving us loads of helpful advice. She also translated between us and Amma (which means Mother in Sri Lanka), who had the biggest heart and welcomed us with hugs and kisses and delicious Chai!  It was actually a bit ...

east and away from Stupas, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka travel blog

east and away from Stupas

A travel blog entry by alister.bland


Not sure you ever get away from Buddhism in Sri Lanka but certainly here in the east there are more Hindu's (Tamils) and Muslims.  In fact the sights are the mosques and Hindu temples.  And a few Christian churches - thanks to the ...