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DAY 5 - Pamplona to Zariquiguie, Zariquiegui, Spain travel blog

DAY 5 - Pamplona to Zariquiguie

A travel blog entry by jimandi


... for the evening. This afternoon and at dinner we met and chatted with fellow pilgrims from, England, Finland, Holland, Germany, Australia, France and the USA. Ages ranged from early 20's to late 60's (us). Walked Today: 8.5 miles. Walked 2014: 8.5 ...

04. Zariquiegui to Lorca (26.2 km), Zariquiegui, Spain travel blog

04. Zariquiegui to Lorca (26.2 km)

A travel blog entry by pterano.dan


... 's quite interesting, although it shocked me to learn that she wans't allowed to walk with the other four guys she had come to Spain with. Apprently, upon arriving they had informed her that they didn't want her to walk with them as they wanted to have a ...

Stop for late breakfast, Zariquiegui, Spain travel blog

Stop for late breakfast

A travel blog entry by ellenzimmer


Phone died in the night so we awoke at 6:00... On our way by 7:00. Had some fruit and hardboiled eggs thanks to Stew. Back did ok... Put icy hot on it just now. Eating a wonderful "egg tortilla" and cappuccino and banana... Wonderful! Today we will ...

Pamplona - Zariquiegui : 11 Km (plus que 696…, Zariquiegui, Spain travel blog

Pamplona - Zariquiegui : 11 Km (plus que 696…

A travel blog entry by nadegeb72


... encore. Arrivée là-haut, le pardon, la légèreté m’attend… Une belle introspection concentrée et j’arrive à Zariquiegui. Je trouve la fontaine, à côté de l’église et je remplis mon camel bag à fond : 2 litres seront ...