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Parador de Soria

Parador de Soria

4.50 542 reviews

C/ Fortun Lopez S/N -Parque Del Castillo, Soria, Spain

Hotel Cadosa Soria

Hotel Cadosa Soria

3.00 150 reviews

Calle Zaragoza Km 146, Soria, Spain

Alfonso VIII Soria

Alfonso VIII Soria

4.00 234 reviews

Calle Alfonso VIII 10, Soria, Spain

Hotel Ciudad de Soria

Hotel Ciudad de Soria

3.50 67 reviews

Calle Zaragoza S/N, Soria, Spain

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Pueblo inglés, Soria, Spain and Canary Islands travel blog

Pueblo inglés

A travel blog entry by jojomo


... made it slightly difficult. After 4 hours on the bus, we arrived at an old abandoned villiage in the North of Spain in Soria, that has been recently turned into a hotel - Valdelavilla. It´s an amazing place, views across the mountains, old cobbled ...

Drinking with the Aussies, Estella, Spain travel blog

Drinking with the Aussies

A travel blog entry by mightyseven


Today we celebrated being in Spain by getting piss drunk and staying that way until we went to sleep. Now a lot of you know that I can usually hold my own while drinking, but these Aussies are on a whole new level. I didn´t stand a chance. Here´s an ...

Laguna Negra, Soria, Spanje travel blog

Laguna Negra

A travel blog entry by sunny-days

Mercadona NM: Laguna Negra = 1u rijden (15u) Wandeling: 16u-18u Soria: 19u Drink MH P beneden: douche & lozen P sporthal Centrum: eten ...

Pamplona -Soria, Soria, Spain and Canary Islands travel blog

Pamplona -Soria

A travel blog entry by markflo


... .[PHOTO_ID_BLOCK=16-pamplona.jpg] We namen dan terug de bus 17 tot zijn terminal waar onze motorhome stond. Nu reden wij richting Soria op ongelooflijk goede wegen met heel weinig verkeer en rond 16 u waren we in Soria op een CP (een parking bij een ...