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Feria de Abril - or Sevilla

Feria de Abril - or Sevilla's county fair

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

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... dresses, men in tight riding pants on horses, carnival rides, and all the beer and wine you can drink. I like this idea. Sevilla was beautiful and while Chad did not get to visit the barber, it was a good stop. Travel sidenote here - Chad has not had ...

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A travel blog entry by flyin_bayman

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... 'Los Gallos' theatre.   Flamenco, is really an art style of song and dance that originated in Spain and the region south of Sevilla.   This version of Flamenco seemed to centre around the soulful, yet painful sounding, song being chanted ...

¿Que pasa, toro?, Sevilla, Spain travel blog

¿Que pasa, toro?

A travel blog entry by twittg

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... how to dance the flamenco. (humorous note: a guy on Lonely Planet's website posted a message saying he was going to be in Spain and wanted to know where he could see some flamingo dancing. another person replied "the zoo".) Next to the tents is a large ...

We have to get a guide book!!!, Sevilla, Spain travel blog

We have to get a guide book!!!

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

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... explain it to you but I don't want to relive those 3 days of insanely boring travel again. Let's just say we wasted our time and lots of money in towns with no hostels to get here. The only reason we stayed the night in Seville was to get a guide book on ...