Sarria, Spain and Canary Islands

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Carris Alfonso IX Sarria

Carris Alfonso IX Sarria

3.50 193 reviews

Rua do Peregrino, 29, Sarria, Spain

Oca Villa de Sarria

Oca Villa de Sarria

3.50 59 reviews

Benigno Quiroga 49, Sarria, Spain

Pousada De Portomarin Sarria

Pousada De Portomarin Sarria

3.50 125 reviews

Av. Sarria, s/n, Sarria, Spain

Hotel Fiz de Vilapedre Sarria

Hotel Fiz de Vilapedre Sarria

4.50 7 reviews

San Fiz de Vilapedre s/n , Sarria, Spain

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In Galicia We Trust, Sarria, Spain travel blog

In Galicia We Trust

A travel blog entry by dinojay2

This is a top pick!

... dropping forlornly around us. Sooo 19th century French painting. Cold clear mornings make for some pretty impressive scenery though. And lots of ironic ¨brrrr¨ noises, for lack of any other conversations left that we haven´t explored after 4 weeks. ...

Trail, Sarria, Spain travel blog


A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

This is a top pick!

... that they are so old yet still here and the locals do laps, be it power walking or running. Back in the car, we drove over to Sarria. There is an old center but we couldn't get the car up there as there were road closures, so we parked up and had lunch. ...

Triacastela- Sarria 11.8 miles, Sarria, Spain and Canary Islands travel blog

Triacastela- Sarria 11.8 miles

A travel blog entry by plh


... I struggled with the quiet because I felt the need to have positive energy/ encouragement from someone.  Linda has had a few struggles and I also realized that the servant heart in me wants to wait at every stop for her and maybe I need to take care ...

so nearly close, Sarria, Spain travel blog

so nearly close

A travel blog entry by traestanley


... cows of europe, and through the power of cheese i´ve even begun to appreciate all that they leave behind. i never thought i´d say that, and please please don´t hold it against me. or make fun of me, like jeff and rob when they i stare at the cows and ...