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Feeling great phsically, mentally abivalent, Belorado, Spain travel blog

Feeling great phsically, mentally abivalent

A travel blog entry by jciafone

I am in a strange mental state today... am feeling guilty about using my ipod on the walk today. Tomorrow will be a hard walk. Must dwell more on the thoughts bouncing around in my head... thanks you toeveryone who has emailed me!! It is such a great ...

I canīt breathe, Belorado, Spain travel blog

I canīt breathe

A travel blog entry by angel.mathis


... mouth.Ļ As the reality set in about what I had just said, we started laughing hysterically as we thought about the trials and tribulations that pilgrims today face.  It may be true that pilgrims in the old days suffered, but these days ...

Anything weighs (to Belorado), Belorado, Spain travel blog

Anything weighs (to Belorado)

A travel blog entry by prinzni


... , the shortcut turns out to be a detour at that point, and grudgingly I walk back to the main road. Finally, I manage to catch up with Flo, and it is not until Belorado that we part again. Flo walks on, I decide to stay in the first refuge along the ...

Physically great, emotionally ambivalent, Belorado, Spain and Canary Islands travel blog

Physically great, emotionally ambivalent

A travel blog entry by jciafone


... ...more time needed to figure this out. Tomorrow will be a very varied terrain, lots of hills and valleys. Thank you so muchto everyone who has emailed me!! It is so great to end the day by hearing from you!!! much love from Belorado... buen camino ...