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Thunderstorms, sleet, and hailstones, A Coruña, Spain travel blog

Thunderstorms, sleet, and hailstones

A travel blog entry by richalive


... and my mood lifted when I saw a wonderful rainbow. When it rains in Galicia, it really rains. This morning a huge thunder and lightning display around Negreira delayed our departure and we decided to do this next section over two days instead of one. ...

La Coruna, A Coruña, Spain travel blog

La Coruna

A travel blog entry by sheilacruise


... minutes later they start again, then they stop. We started going round in circles, (what is going on?) the engines started and stopped several time. The Captain told us there was a problem with the stabilisers (that's all we need), lots of passengers ...

A great Galician experience, A Coruña, Spain travel blog

A great Galician experience

A travel blog entry by elisha.calle85

... Pablo asked whether I was alone. So after he finished his shift he took me out to experience the nightlife of la coruña. We went to a few bars and met a few of his friends. Pablo and I became good friends. He was very interested in Australia and the ...

16 - 9 Coruna Spain, A Coruña, Spain travel blog

16 - 9 Coruna Spain

A travel blog entry by 14brian

... of the point then back for coffee at the yacht club. The little yachts are kids Sabots. Enjoyed a walk through the old town and shopped for Linnie's white pants, that ended with me spending $170 on three shirts and one long pants and Linnie two pants ...