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The Westville Hotel

The Westville Hotel

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124 Jan Hofmeyr Road, Westville, South Africa

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From Umlazi to Sydenham, Sydenham, South Africa travel blog

From Umlazi to Sydenham

A travel blog entry by dith31


Well, after being in Umlazi, and being so sick I felt to leave Umlazi and go back to Sydenham where the air is better. So my "zulu family" drove me to Sydenham and i was as sick as a dog. My coloured friends where suprised to see me so sick. they had ...

Chatsworth with Joe, Chatsworth, South Africa travel blog

Chatsworth with Joe

A travel blog entry by daveandnat


Kwamashu, KwaMashu, South Africa travel blog


A travel blog entry by dith31

This was another area I passed through. Its called Kwamashu and its a black township. I learnt that depending on who you spoke to locals thought tht Kwamashu was more dangerous than Umlazi. I am not that sure myself. We drove through here during the time ...

T for Testing, Westville, South Africa travel blog

T for Testing

A travel blog entry by lesleyrose


Oh my goodness, there's no more T minus days. I could subject you all to an hourly countdown but I think you've endured enough for now. So I'm up with the sparrows and feeling a bit of a mixture of emotions. On the one hand like a 5 year old on ...