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Photogenic leopard, kudu and theiving baboons, Kruger, South Africa travel blog

Photogenic leopard, kudu and theiving baboons

A travel blog entry by jonclark2000

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... . His head came right up to my stomach even as he crouched and as he showed his teeth I quickly dropped the rolls. All the South Africans in the area expressed real concern for my safety and I have to admit my heart was really pumping - more so than when ...

The Alternative Beach House, Buffels Bay, South Africa travel blog

The Alternative Beach House

A travel blog entry by sfrtw

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Buffalo Bay (or Buffels Bay) was our next hostel.  It was an alternative beach house, a little worn down but had some character.  Check out the pic for our room, a little shack on the beach.  The kitchen was a little nasty to cook in, but ...

Hogsback - Away With the Fairies!, Hogsback, South Africa travel blog

Hogsback - Away With the Fairies!

A travel blog entry by djchurch

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Hogsback. This is a beautiful little village set up in the mountains inland from the coast. It is said that the landscapes of Hogsback was the inspiration for JRR Tolkien to write The Hobbit. Considering he was here when he was only five years old, ...

A horse in the kitchen, The Crags, South Africa travel blog

A horse in the kitchen

A travel blog entry by sfrtw

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... looking for volunteers next year to help her get started. Frank is thinking "hmmm.. good excuse for me to come back to South Africa!".  The Wild Coast is supposed to be in untouched lands in an amazing setting overlooking the ocean.  We gave ...