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Predjamsky Grad+Postojna Jama, Predjama, Slovenia travel blog

Predjamsky Grad+Postojna Jama

A travel blog entry by romaletour


4/8/09 ...but the card does not work and there is no money on Romain account. We are properly f...d because: 1. Romain left his french card in the ATM on the day of leaving Mayenne 2. Alena left her Irish LASER in the ATM the first day in Ostrava 3. ...

Rally Slovenia and Predjama Castle, Predjama, Slovenia travel blog

Rally Slovenia and Predjama Castle

A travel blog entry by spo_rt


... by the side of the road to watch before heading on. Our trip to Ptuj took us through the valleys of southern Slovenia, through Ribnica, Trebnje, Sevnica, Celje and on to Ptuj, arriving at about 9.30. After some Helga consternation, turning left into a no ...

Predjama, Predjama, Slovenia travel blog


A travel blog entry by pedroteixeira

Medieval ...

Nov 07, 2010, Predjama, Slovenia travel blog

Nov 07, 2010

A travel blog entry by seyegabriella