Pristina, Serbia

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Hotel Nora Pristina

Hotel Nora Pristina

4.00 3 reviews

Main Highway , Pristina, Serbia

Lyon Hotel Pristina

Lyon Hotel Pristina

3.50 6 reviews

St.Isa Kastrati, Pristina, Serbia

Hotel Afa Pristina

Hotel Afa Pristina

4.00 81 reviews

Ali Kelmendi Nr. 15, Pristina, Serbia

Grand Hotel Pristina

Grand Hotel Pristina

2.00 42 reviews

Mother Theresa Boulevard, Pristina, Serbia

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The Newest Game in Town in Europe, Pristina, Serbia travel blog

The Newest Game in Town in Europe

A travel blog entry by atlpilot36


... trip has taken us to Europes ugliest capital and Europes smallest and now I introduce to you Europes newest (and possibly dirtiest)--Pristina.  Its even compact enough where I saw it all within 30 minutes. Talk about convenience.   About the ...

Pristina, city of roadworks, Pristina, Serbia travel blog

Pristina, city of roadworks

A travel blog entry by lostalready


Kosovo is pretty young as far as countries go (or not yet born, if you ask Serbia) and the frenzy of building has hit the capital, Pristina. We walked into the city from the spot on the side of the highway where the bus dropped us off, spending the whole ...

Kosovo is a country Travelpod!, Pristina, Serbia travel blog

Kosovo is a country Travelpod!

A travel blog entry by senorbrian


... in 2008 and as i just found out when i tried to pin it on the map well its still not on the map very strange.... Pristina is a strange town the walk from the bus station was much longer and much steeper then i had expected in hind sight i should have ...

venturing into Kosovo, Pristina, Serbia and Montenegro travel blog

venturing into Kosovo

A travel blog entry by lilyc


At the beginning of my Europe tour, I never thought of visiting Kosovo. However various travellers' tales of Kosovo had piqued my interest. This interest slowly developed into an infatuation with UNMIK (UN Mission in Kosovo) and getting a stamp from ...

Attractions in Pristina

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Statue of Mother Tereza

Statue of Mother Tereza


Mother Tereza St, Pristina, Serbia

Field of Blackbirds.

Field of Blackbirds.


Pristina, Serbia

To understand the emotions Kosovo stirs in the Serbs, you have to go back to 1389, to the Battle of Kosovo Polje-the Field of Blackbirds-one of the largest battles ever fought in medieval Europe.Here a Christian alliance tried to block the northward advance of the invading Ottoman Turks.