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No Guns Allowed!, Belgrade, Serbia travel blog

No Guns Allowed!

A travel blog entry by daveaway

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... of blokes from the hostel decided to make a last minute decision to go to an international soccer friendly. It was Serbia vs. Ireland, and the locals are known for their hooliganism. It seemed a rather tame affair however, and we were dumbfounded that ...


Rock'n the boat!

A travel blog entry by emtyadventures

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... just as we think we have seen the most stunning sight, our trip evolves to an even greater one. In this case, the Montenegro bays and the blasť nature of the locals moved to the top of the list. The environment was glorious, as was watching ...

Montenegro for dinner... really???, Kotor, Croatia travel blog

Montenegro for dinner... really???

A travel blog entry by madman96

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... night before, and we start talking.  I take a long shot, and say that she should probably join my buddy and I for dinner in Montenegro instead of going to Gil's.  She agrees, somewhat shockingly, and then Irina joins Phin and I down at the ...

Montenegro and Serbia, Subotica, Serbia and Montenegro travel blog

Montenegro and Serbia

A travel blog entry by baileyandkerry

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... stayed 5 nights here either side of our jaunt to Albania, enjoying some home comforts and chatting with the locals. My highlight was watching Montenegro win the European water polo championship 9-8 in the final with the delighted owner of ...