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Red Sea Drifters, Red Sea, Saudi Arabia travel blog

Red Sea Drifters

A travel blog entry by pete-r


Wednesday 3 December Red ...

Adventures in Orifices!, Taba, Saudi Arabia, Egypt travel blog

Adventures in Orifices!

A travel blog entry by trent


Well, I did think my next blog would be from Sri Lanka, but this weekend (yes, the weekend in Saudi is Thursday/Friday) myself, Paris, Jamie, and Andy ventured out to a crater site near Hail. Volcanic orifices?  We were just as confused as you may ...

Just Driftin

Just Driftin'

A travel blog entry by pete-r


Thursday 4 December Drifting, Red Sea                              N 25 ...

Saudi Arabia, but barely..., Haql, Saudi Arabia travel blog

Saudi Arabia, but barely...

A travel blog entry by philiphannis


Gunter, Stephen and I decided to brave the Saudi Arabian frontier. We got as far as Saudi customs, and were turned back by laughing border guards carrying large guns. It was quite the experience since we had to go through 10 check points. We couldn't ...