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Coming back to Kigali, Kigali, airport, Rwanda travel blog

Coming back to Kigali

A travel blog entry by harriel


Yesterday night we arrived 15 min ahead schedule, but waited (as usual) more than 1 hr. for the luggage. After we had a quick snack at the italien restaurant and then home. At a bout 0100 - we had a sundowner on the pettio - there was a chrash right in ...


I'm, going home

A travel blog entry by harriel


Tomorrow evening, two colleagues and me go to Munich, to attend the redesign meeting held from 26. - 28.10. After arrival on Friday, we have to go directely to the office for a premeeting. I think it will be funny to discuss about important things after ...

Going to Germany, Airport Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Going to Germany

A travel blog entry by harriel


... had been two hours delayed and I got my new plane from BRU to MUC already in KGL. I was picked up without luggage at the airport by my wife at nearly 1100 and came just in time, to pick my son from  Kindergarden. Wednesday was easy, but on Thursday ...