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Day 10, Naushki, Russia travel blog

Day 10

A travel blog entry by poolman99

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... topped mountains. I went back to bed for a staggering five hours, in another three we would be at Naushki where we would go through Russian/Mongolian customs and passport control. That process ended up taking three hours and I managed to find some hot ...

8 hours with your legs crossed, Naushki, Russia travel blog

8 hours with your legs crossed

A travel blog entry by eatdessertfirst

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... the train to check our paperwork and passports, they helped us add a few things to the forms by pointing and talking in Russian. We also established that they wanted our customs form from the Mongolia-China border but we were not given a copy. Mongolian ...

A Day of not Getting very far, Naushki, Russia travel blog

A Day of not Getting very far

A travel blog entry by zoebuck

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... They seem to be shuffling things around a bit 1719. Had some people through to look at our passports, and a sniffer dog from the Russian side- an Alsatian, and the Mongolian official had a little Scottie dog following him. 1839. After quite a while at the ...

Crossing the Russian-Mongolian Border, Russia - Mogolia Border, Russia travel blog

Crossing the Russian-Mongolian Border

A travel blog entry by jpischedda

... onto the train by the Mongolian traders; everything from watermelons and eggs to crystal glasses and clothing.  As I understood neither Russian nor Mongolian, figuring out exactly what was going on was a little confusing, but here's what I think was ...