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Vama Veche, Romania

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Club D'Or Vama Veche

Club D'Or Vama Veche

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Chilling in Vama Veche, Vama Veche, Romania travel blog

Chilling in Vama Veche

A travel blog entry by tavini

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Tavi's coursin Mihnea took us on a whirlwind weekend to Vama Veche after several hours of adventurous driving through small villages in the middle of nowhere, swerving around stray dogs and horse carts in the dark. Vama Veche used to be a sleepy ...

vama veche, Vama veche, Romania travel blog

vama veche

A travel blog entry by fabien

vama veche is the meeting point of all romanian youth each summer but... we arrived to ...

Hello Romania - let

Hello Romania - let's start with the nudist beach)

A travel blog entry by denis.sokolov


Funny enough the last (very difficult) ride in Bulgaria was with Romanians :) Luckily they were looking for a good beach and drove me through many places that I wanted to visit (looking at the shore map). None of them had a beach or access to the sea! ...

THE beach, Vama veche, Romania travel blog

THE beach

A travel blog entry by petergustafson

... travelers on the seaside. we got there in the morning and met the others then got our apartment to leave our things and went to vama veche, about one hour away. vama veche is very hard to describe...its like a big 24/7 beach party for hippes and rockers ...