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Day 23, The Atlantic Ocean...., Puerto Rico travel blog

Day 23

A travel blog entry by randiandersen

... It was a coast guard helicopter, and after waiting for almost a half hour in the Caribbean heat it finally came winging over the ocean, much faster than I would have guessed, and made a couple of passes to slow down. Then it was coming closer and suddenly ...

Day 22, The Atlantic Ocean. Aaarrggh., Puerto Rico travel blog

Day 22

A travel blog entry by randiandersen

... (there was a little packet of coffee in the packet and the others couldn't get out of the box thinking) that sank into the ocean and we'd found a giant air bubble at the bottom of the sea and survived inside with only the coffee to sustain us. Having ...

Day 24, a day for reflection, Still on the @#$% Atlantic Ocean!, Brazil travel blog

Day 24, a day for reflection

A travel blog entry by randiandersen

... just sat there looking at the water since I couldn't get online, water that wasn't as smooth as it had been out in the open ocean and that was starting to darken to almost black from the clear blue it had been since we left Panama. At one point a few ...

a little bit of everything, Ocean, Puerto Rico travel blog

a little bit of everything

A travel blog entry by jcarlso2


... There are a few who don't join in on this friendly little tradition but we just write them off as being sea sick. Tomorrow we dock in Puerto Rico! So far we've been told not to go to the place they call the pearl. I have no idea what that is in Spanish ...