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Searching for Home, Swiebodzin (Schwiebus), Poland travel blog

Searching for Home

A travel blog entry by glenn_christie


... Berlin to Warsaw express - a nice train, and as we went along we wondered if it actually might continue on to Swiebodzin after all. We realised, when the immigration guys came around asking for passports that we must be leaving Frankfurt Oder and now ...

Lost in TRAINslation, Swiebodzin, Poland travel blog

Lost in TRAINslation

A travel blog entry by calicait


... track. They pointed out which train we should take for Berlin if we didn't want to stay on the current train and go to Warsaw, Poland. Emma and I panicked and decided to get off at the current stop and catch the train to Berlin. By this time it was 8:30, ...

Swiebodzin, Poland, Swiebodzin,  Poland travel blog

Swiebodzin, Poland

A travel blog entry by frogblog


Mr. Frog journeyed to Poland for some tasty ...

Day trip to Poland!, Swiebodzin,  Poland travel blog

Day trip to Poland!

A travel blog entry by patandamanda


... caught sight of their train station, we thought better about it and continued on to the next station, which happened to be in Swiebodzin. It was the smallest city we've ventured to as of yet. The language barrier proved difficult. We explored a little ...