Raciborz, Poland

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Hatsuneso Shinkan Ureshino

Hatsuneso Shinkan Ureshino

4.00 23 reviews

pl. Dworcowy 16, Raciborz, Poland

Ragos Hotel Raciborz

Ragos Hotel Raciborz

2.50 4 reviews

ul. Tadeusza Kosciuszki 38, Raciborz, Poland

Hotel Zlota Iglica Raciborz

Hotel Zlota Iglica Raciborz

4.50 4 reviews

ul. Kornowacka 53, Raciborz, Poland

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Crossing into Poland., Raciborz, Poland travel blog

Crossing into Poland.

A travel blog entry by charity_cycle

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... tired now. The road was busy as people headed to the city for a night out, young and fast drivers. A couple of km out of Raciborz I saw what looked like a forest, great I can sleep there. Well no, it turned out to be a cemetery. Raciborz is quite large ...

Wujek Tolek

Wujek Tolek's Birthday

A travel blog entry by mikasia16


... teachers were not allowed to be honest, especially about the post-WWII era, Wujek Tolek made sure I learned the true history of Poland. Uncle Tolek’s hobby I never thought I would pick up was photography. He was the only person I knew who owned a ...

Voting Day!, Głubczyce, Poland travel blog

Voting Day!

A travel blog entry by mikasia16


June 20th Presidential Elections! Mom took Tymek to church and as soon as they came back ("How was church, Tymek?" Tymek: "Booooring!" Mom: “He liked it a lot!” “Which one is it, Tymku?” Tymek: “I slept the whole ...

On the Road Again, Głubczyce, Poland travel blog

On the Road Again

A travel blog entry by mikasia16


On the road again! La, la, la, la la, on the road again! Getting up at 7 a.m. was a nightmare but I made it up by sleeping on the train. Artur drove us to Poznań and got us safely settled in the coupé. Foreseeing a problem, I bought tickets in 1st ...