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Gromada Hotel Przemysl

Gromada Hotel Przemysl

3.50 19 reviews

4 Wybrzeze Jozefa Pilsudskiego Street, Przemysl, Poland

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be nice to border gaurds..., Przemsyl, Poland travel blog

be nice to border gaurds...

A travel blog entry by jay29

This is a top pick!

... it a bit I found the train sits for more than two hours at the border while changing wheels as the track gauge is different between Poland and Ukraine. Not wanting to take so long and not a big fan of the time of the train, I looked on the internet ...

BorderHell into the Ukraine, Medyka, Poland travel blog

BorderHell into the Ukraine

A travel blog entry by 92.days.vagrant


... villages and the city of Rzeszow as we approached the boarder, my anxiety level was rising. As we got closer and closer to Przemysl (the closest city to the boarder) the Polish roads deteriorated in condition. At one point we were on a two way "highway" ...

Alcohol and Cigarette Smuggling, Przemysl, Poland travel blog

Alcohol and Cigarette Smuggling

A travel blog entry by danwstephens


After a long trip through to new places I finally crossed into Poland this afternoon (but not before some more fun!). As a result of a Polish government not very adept at raising tax revenue there are super high taxes and alcohol & cigarettes in Poland ...

An Even Longer Wait, Ukaine-Poland Border, Poland travel blog

An Even Longer Wait

A travel blog entry by whk2006

... quite unpleasant to travel across the land border from Canada to US. However, this experience traveling from Ukraine to Poland surpassed all other unpleasant experience. Exiting Ukraine shouldn't be that difficult but it took 2 hours. Some people ...