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Nothing Like the Rain, Glubczyce - Cieszyn, Poland travel blog

Nothing Like the Rain

A travel blog entry by mikasia16


... us to arrive home in time for the EuroCup 2012 Finals game (if you look at the map, you can follow our drive from Glubczyce, through Kietrz, to Cieszyn).     The icing on the cake was seeing a stork walk through the grass by the side of ...

Kielbasa Day, Głubczyce, Poland travel blog

Kielbasa Day

A travel blog entry by mikasia16


... ate some red and white currants, boysenberries, and apples.     I admired beautiful gardens people keep in Glubczyce. They compete against each other and try to grow most impressive vegetables and most beautiful flowers.     ...

Lazy Sunday, Głubczyce, Poland travel blog

Lazy Sunday

A travel blog entry by mikasia16


... about 8 hours each day. There are young and there are old. They are usually led by one of the parish priests from Glubczyce and followed by a truck carrying their luggage.     Every town in which they stop welcomes them with food and ...

Back to the Beginning, Głubczyce, Poland travel blog

Back to the Beginning

A travel blog entry by mikasia16


    I always feel a sense of nostalgia when I travel back to Głubczyce, my place of birth, the place that shaped me into who I am today, at least in part. There are so many memories and emotions connected with Głubczyce that I ...