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Hotel Kopernik Frombork

Hotel Kopernik Frombork

4.50 30 reviews

ul. Koscielna 2, Frombork, Poland

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I Found Copernicus in the Old Country, Frombork, Poland travel blog

I Found Copernicus in the Old Country

A travel blog entry by atlpilot36


... a place I knew nothing about and see if I could learn something there and make an interesting afternoon. Forty minutes after Frombork was chosen, I was navigating my way through the piss stench tunnels of the bus/train station combo on the edge of old ...

Frombork - Home of Copernicus, Frombork, Poland travel blog

Frombork - Home of Copernicus

A travel blog entry by ulka


Frombork is a town in northern Poland, couple of hours east from Gdansk. This small and yet, very beautiful town in the 16th centaury it was the residence of the astronomer Nicolas Copernicus who was born in Torun. The old Cathedral, where he used to ...

May 10, 2016, Chojnowo, Poland travel blog

May 10, 2016

A travel blog entry by suemeisenhelter


Today is a sea day. We are currently cruising in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Poland. With no port to view, or talk about, this is the perfect time to share some photographs of the ship. Here are some specifics about the Norwegian Star: 16 dining ...

Frombrok Pin, Frombork, Poland travel blog

Frombrok Pin

A travel blog entry by claire1223

Frombrok ...