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Trekking Up The Worlds Smallest Volcano, Talisay, Philippines travel blog

Trekking Up The Worlds Smallest Volcano

A travel blog entry by venoth


... board the flight until he paid the money. Somehow, I managed to excuse myself and got into the car. From my observation, daylight in Philippines starts around 5 am and the sun sets again at 5 pm. Quite early compared to Malaysia. By 5 am, the traffic ...

Taal Lake, Talisay, Philippines travel blog

Taal Lake

A travel blog entry by allilaoshi


... hill in the middle.  We took a ferry back to Batangas, Luzon Island (the one that has Manila on it), then took a taxi to Talisay.  On the way, we saw the green countryside and a huge, gaudy castle.   The food was so good.  We ate at ...

Lake Taal, Talisay, Philippines travel blog

Lake Taal

A travel blog entry by jenos


... tulivuorella olisi myos saanut tehda tarkkuusammuntaa, ja ampumakaverit antoivat paikallisten pikkulasten leikkia nailla pyssyilla, kivaa. Talisay on kyla ulomman tulivuorikraaterin reunalla. Kylan lapi kulkee yksi pieni tie jonka varrella paikalliset ...

Talisay, Talisay, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by mies