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Basic as it gets., Sabang, Philippines travel blog

Basic as it gets.

A travel blog entry by reece_and_elle

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... packed but because our row was hard to get into nobody wanted to! The trip was long and uncomfortable but it got us there, Sabang the home to a Seventh Wonder of the World. The Underground River has just been put into the new list of Seven Natural Wonders ...

Island life, Puerto Princess, Sabang, El Nido, Philippines travel blog

Island life

A travel blog entry by foolsgold

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Work in ...

Sabang Part 1: Diver

Sabang Part 1: Diver's Paradise & Other Bola Bola

A travel blog entry by paranoidchicken


... electricity is off and everyone claps weakly when the lights come back on - we've casually endured one of the Philippines infamous "brownouts".  A brownout is when the local electricity grid simply shuts down for a limited amount of time, typically ...

Sleezy Sabang, Sabang, Philippines travel blog

Sleezy Sabang

A travel blog entry by jon-daniella

We arrive in Sabang and noticed a few immediate things being there are lots of Germans and lots of old men with young Filipino girls. The town itself was very small and built via alleys which are full of bars and diving shops. The beach itself was ...