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Charlotte's Birthday

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... to watch the end of Hannibal which is so fucking turd when you sit it next to SOTL. Charlotte had a nice day, perhaps the night wasn't what she hoped for but I had prepped her for the potential of a not so crazy night. Thanks alot Philippines ...

Goodbye Helldivers, Coron Town, Philippines travel blog

Goodbye Helldivers

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

The staff here had been pressing us about a check out time. We assumed that this was because they are wanting to get the next lot of people in. Well you're nice people but you can fuck right off, we are leaving the room at one second before 12pm. In ...

WWII Japanese ship wreck dive, Culion, Philippines travel blog

WWII Japanese ship wreck dive

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


In 1944, 10 Japanese ships were sank by the American military and each ship has become a famous wreck dive in Coron. We dived 2 wrecks today and these were completely different from a reef dive! Rather than being in awe of the colorful, beautiful ...

Final Destination, Coron Town, Philippines travel blog

Final Destination

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins


The advertised trip time was 6 hours. We had read from more reputable sources that it was 8 hours. Guess which one it ended up being. The boat was actually just a glorified fishing boat, we had seen it beforehand so it wasn't a surprise, neither of ...