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Banaue Hotel and Youth Hostel

Banaue Hotel and Youth Hostel

3.50 292 reviews

Banaue Rice Terraces , Banaue, Philippines

Banaue View Hotel

Banaue View Hotel

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Bontoc road, Banaue, Philippines

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Mountains Of Rice, Banaue, Philippines travel blog

Mountains Of Rice

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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... improvements (vs robbing the country blind like so many others). There's also an approaching election in the Philippines which has accelerated the building programs since sponsoring politicians get their name in lights (buying voters with their own ...

Mountain life, Banaue, Batad, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Mountain life

A travel blog entry by foolsgold

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Work in ...

Cliffhanger, Banaue, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by katshannon

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... in confusion and started giggling. Elvis explained that these remote mountain people couldn't speak Tagalog, the native tongue of the Philippines, but in fact spoke English - the result of too many missionaries and not enough effort to maintain ...

Village Kids, Kambulo, Philippines travel blog

Village Kids

A travel blog entry by trent

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... and doors and saying "Americanos", it doesn't matter where you're actually from b/c apparently if you're white and in the Philippines, you're American! After saying bye to the English girls, I decide to wander around the village and end up chatting ...

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Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces


Banaue, Luzon, Philippines

Spectacular terraces were carved out from mountain ranges some 2000 years ago with primitive handtools.