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Tucume and Tomb of the Mr. of Sican, Tucume, Peru travel blog

Tucume and Tomb of the Mr. of Sican

A travel blog entry by veromarcos


... to guess what it looked like. By the way, the phrase of the day came out of the mouth of the tourist information guy at Tucume. He stated "I´m happy we were conquered by the Spanish, as they brought a lot of new things, culture, religion, etc". He ...

Ancient Egypt´s Got Nothin on These Tombs!, Tucume, Peru travel blog

Ancient Egypt´s Got Nothin on These Tombs!

A travel blog entry by sarahpearl


... nbsp; A nice view for when nature calls, but makes you wonder where the money that these tourist attractions bring to Peru is being distributed. Anyways, the pyramids themselves were cool, if immense, and difficult to understand, but the real amazing ...

Peru has pyramids too!, Tucume, Peru travel blog

Peru has pyramids too!

A travel blog entry by shesoffagain


There is another site north of Chiclayo known as Tucume. Here, there are the remains of 26 pyramids that were constructed by the Sican culture, which existed in this region after the Moche from about 700 - 1450.  They are thought to be descendants of ...

Even more sand, Mórrope, Peru travel blog

Even more sand

A travel blog entry by gemandkory


After a restful night sleep, we awoke in the middle of the desert, in a tent that was flapping in the wind. Kory immediately set about getting some breakfast prepared for us and I began to pack up our things and to take the tent down. It is difficult ...