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Return to Truillo, Truillo, Peru travel blog

Return to Truillo

A travel blog entry by jathomaz

Just a few days here, waiting for the 1st, when my room is available in Miraflores at the SAE clubhouse.  Spent New Year's Eve drinking a little wine in my room.  No big celebration with alot of people, but a "new me", the ...

Visit to the Lembayeque, Truillo, Peru travel blog

Visit to the Lembayeque

A travel blog entry by madmackworth


Just back from day's visit to the Lembayeque. Bruning Museum which contains the treasures found in Lord Sipan's tomb. There was more gold than that found in tutankanem's. Necklaces and nose ornaments, headdresses,earrings etc made of gold, silver, ...