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Macchu Picchu, Lost city of the Incas, Macchu Picchu, Peru travel blog

Macchu Picchu, Lost city of the Incas

A travel blog entry by aussierach

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Iīve wanted to visit Macchu Picchu for a long time, ever since I was about 8 and did a school project on it. I was half expecting to be disapointed, for Macchu Picchu to have lost itīs charm by becoming too famous and having too many tourists, but this ...

Trekking with the Inkas, Macchu Picchu, Peru travel blog

Trekking with the Inkas

A travel blog entry by midlifecrisis

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... have ever been found), so archaeologists are pretty much guessing at the purpose of the city and the buildings therein. Peru does a pretty good job at managing the various sites. The buildings are tastefully restored where necessary and the green ...

Manu - Health Campaigning, Manu, Peru travel blog

Manu - Health Campaigning

A travel blog entry by ocdb8r


Again my day began early. Somehow this time I had managed to ignore the roosters until 6:30am. I finally got out of bed and dressed in fresh clothes at about 7am; day two with no running water. Making my way down to the local meeting spot, Kenny had ...

THE LOST ANCIENT INCA CITY!, Aquas Calientes, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by laurawainer


Words canīt do this place or experience justice....see the pics...for those who dont know what it is...Machu Picchu, meaning old mountain, was rediscovered by an American, Hiram Bingham and was brought to the world in 1911. It is an ancient Inca ...

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Urubamba River

Urubamba River


Sepahua, Peru