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Royal Inka Hotel Pisac

Royal Inka Hotel Pisac

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Carretera Picas Ruinas s/n, Pisac, Peru

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Meeting the giant condors of peru!, Pisac, Peru travel blog

Meeting the giant condors of peru!

A travel blog entry by markandjade

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... as they are HUGE. (hopefully we will upload the pic soon) Instead of making a donation we purchased a beautiful baby llama wall hanging. Pisac. We stopped over the night in this small village to check out the ruins the next day. Theres not much to do here ...

Pisaq, Pisac, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by erriuc

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Pisac ...

The Beautiful Sacred Valley, Pisac, Peru travel blog

The Beautiful Sacred Valley

A travel blog entry by themurphys

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... is the Sacred Valley. (click to enlarge the pictures) Every Thursday and Sunday the town of Pisac has a market which is the most popular in Peru. Locals from all the surrounding villages bring their produce and wonderful handicrafts to sell and the ...

the festivities begin..., Pisac, Peru travel blog

the festivities begin...

A travel blog entry by rawhideone

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... of it.  Then it's off to the town of Pisac for the service in Quechua, the native language of the Incas.  Pisac has a huge market on Sundays, with everything one could imagine and more...there are also some more Inca ruins there but I'm getting ...

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Pisac Market

Pisac Market


Central Plaza, Pisac, Sacred Valley, Peru

The sleepy town of Pisac comes alive every Sunday when people from the surrounding communities come together to sell and buy produce, crafts and other supplies in the town's central square.