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Miraflores - nice end to an expedition, miraflores, lima, Peru travel blog

Miraflores - nice end to an expedition

A travel blog entry by johnorton

This is a top pick!

Staying in the lap of luxury for a couple of days is definitely my idea of ending an expedition, even if we did duck out early. We walked along the cliffs of the beach to the nearby Larcomar shopping center, which is built right into the ...

Rodrigo and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Miraflores, Peru travel blog

Rodrigo and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

A travel blog entry by courtrand


After 12 days of battling with FedEx and the Peruvian Customs office (they delayed release of the package for several reasons, the main one being they had no record of us entering the country at the airport b/c we entered by motorcycle...) we could ...

Miraflores, Caral and the Mummy!, Miraflores, Peru travel blog

Miraflores, Caral and the Mummy!

A travel blog entry by erinski


... the Pepto Bismal if one is brave enough to try it.  We ate lunch today at a wonderful restaurant that is in Miraflores in a commercial complex housed within the top of a 100 meter cliff overlooking the beautiful ocean.  Although it is the ...

Pisco Sour, Por Favor, Miraflores, Peru travel blog

Pisco Sour, Por Favor

A travel blog entry by tristan_g


Despite a somewhat unfavorable reputation that Lima has, I was pleasantly surprised by the coastal atmosphere of Miraflores. A suburb of the grandeur capital, itīs considered a safer, wealthier area accomodating to both travelers and residents alike. The ...