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Corderilla Blanca, Huarez, Peru travel blog

Corderilla Blanca

A travel blog entry by tommy

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Arriving into Huaraz at 6am after the sleepless overnight bus trip up from Lima, I was exhausted and disoriented. I don't usually go with the touts, but this time I was too exhausted to look on my own and I took the risk. He took me to a dodgy but cheap ...

Huarez, Cordilleras Blancas, Huarez, Peru travel blog

Huarez, Cordilleras Blancas

A travel blog entry by martinandheike

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We arrived in "Huarez" after a 10 hour bus ride, in not too bad shape but needing sleep. One of two things can happen at this point at 5am 1/ no where open 2/ hotel touts blocking your exit from the bus. The latter greeted us, and as we were the ...

Trekking on, Huarez, Peru travel blog

Trekking on

A travel blog entry by roamerjamie


... I will be more than happy to share and probably accompany each story with a mini photo album. I am currently in Huarez which is in Central Peru. The city itself isnīt very special, although we have found a delicious restaurant that has any kind of ...

Huarez - Mountainous Beauty at Every Turn, Huarez, Peru travel blog

Huarez - Mountainous Beauty at Every Turn

A travel blog entry by ray_harrington


... very strange but defintely impressive. It then leaves Day 4 to be only a couple of hours to where we catch transportation back to Huarez. Its an outstanding trek - words or pictures donīt do it justice - if you are visiting Peru then this has to be ...