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A travel blog entry by katiemessick

Hello from Pilar, I am on the Rio Paraguay about five hours South of Guarambare this week visiting an UYD volunteer and helping her out with some charlas, radio station and all that jazz along with just seeing what exactly a volunteer ...

cockroach in the potty, Pilar, Paraguay travel blog

cockroach in the potty

A travel blog entry by katiemessick

... about Peace Corps and our mission as UYD workers, afterward we went to one of the few museums in Paraguay before meeting the man in charge of youth in Pilar!  The rest of the morning was dedicated to Guarani class with our language teacher, Lilly, ...

More Animal Stories, Pilar, Paraguay travel blog

More Animal Stories

A travel blog entry by caroleparaguay


Buen Dia! I´ve received a few emails requesting more animal stories. Here´s a doozy! Guess what I had for dinner last night? It´s something that I´m pretty scared of normally. It shows up in a few childrens´storybooks. It´s green and has really ...

Trærs over Paraguay, Pilar, Paraguay travel blog

Trærs over Paraguay

A travel blog entry by erikaggerholm