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Bump in the Night, Concepciòn, Paraguay travel blog

Bump in the Night

A travel blog entry by camille

This is a top pick!

... tying. Despite all of Dad`s persistent and careful instruction over the years, I really have no idea. Another Boat Trip Rio Paraguay beckoned. Not quite as strongly as I originally thought, but it called me to the port and I asked some questions and ...

2 nuits et 3 jours en bateau sur le rio paraguay*, Concepcion, Paraguay travel blog

2 nuits et 3 jours en bateau sur le rio paraguay*

A travel blog entry by loelai


First weeks in site, Concepcion, Paraguay travel blog

First weeks in site

A travel blog entry by chimmie13


Hey all! I´ve made it through my first 2 weeks in site.  Things here are pretty good.  There is a great group of volunteers up in my area.  It has been nice to have some people to show me around - all the good places to shop and ...

10 months to go!, Concepcion, Paraguay travel blog

10 months to go!

A travel blog entry by chimmie13


That´s right...10 months to go.  Before I know it, I´ll be 2/3 of the way there and well on my way to hot showers and slurpees.  27 months sounds like such a long time...but I´m on the downhill part and it´s going rather quickly! Update ...