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Cool cool mountain air, Boquete, Panama travel blog

Cool cool mountain air

A travel blog entry by andrewandjacque

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... bucks. According to things we read in Boquete, in the 90s when Kona coffee was all the rage, a number of people exported Boquete coffee to Hawaii and repackaged it as Kona, at a massive profit. They were eventually apprehended, and the locals now ...

Boquete - Misty, Boquete, Panama travel blog

Boquete - Misty

A travel blog entry by everywhere

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... , some farmers.  The market was filled with families all scrubbed and in their best outfits - big day in the big town!  Boquete was on my 'maybe' list of places to retire so I am happy to have come up and seen it.  Just too cold for ...

Things I don

Things I don't like on this trip, or even hate.

A travel blog entry by stevefn

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... (in the city of David) with Ben and Steve. We have more or less just finished the seven hours hike from Guadalupe to Boquete, known as Sendero de los Quetzales (the Quetzal trail.) It's a beautiful hike through cloud forest and Volcan Baru National Park. ...

Up in the Mountains, Boquete, Panama travel blog

Up in the Mountains

A travel blog entry by andrewandjacque

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... on the bed groan whenever Andrew moves. We havenŽt been here long, so we thought weŽd fill in some blanks on Panama City. After the first night, we had decided that Panama City was a disgusting, horrible place to be. Our first morning, ...