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Norway Accommodations (116)
Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromso Tromsø

Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromso Tromsų

4.00 1005 reviews

Sjoegata 7, Tromsų, Norway

Rica Ishavshotel Tromsø

Rica Ishavshotel Tromsų

4.00 509 reviews

Fredrik Langes gate 2, Tromsų, Norway

Radisson Blu Hotel Bodo Bodø

Radisson Blu Hotel Bodo Bodų

3.50 348 reviews

Storgt. 2, Bodų, Norway

Thon Hotel Nordlys Bodø

Thon Hotel Nordlys Bodų

4.00 293 reviews

Moloveien 14, Bodų, Norway

Travel Blogs from North Norway

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The Dance Of The Spirits, Tromsų, Norway travel blog

The Dance Of The Spirits

A travel blog entry by cristinaw

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... plans for the trip. We wandered around the town, visited the gift shops and shopping centers. Since everything is expensive in Norway, I only bought very limited number of souvenirs. I bought some postcards and prints to my friends and a glass candle ...

Four rainbows before lunch! (Day 7), Tromsų, Norway travel blog

Four rainbows before lunch! (Day 7)

A travel blog entry by chronometers

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On this day we awoke to pouring rain in the town of Harstad, but decided to get out and walk around anyway. We saw typical pretty wooden houses and an architecturally interesting church. Upon leaving Harstad, we passed a very old medieval church ...

The Northern tip of Europe, Nordkapp, Norway travel blog

The Northern tip of Europe

A travel blog entry by chronometers

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... reindeer as their living.  They own nearly 150,000 reindeer, of which just over 100,000 live in this part of Norway. After Nordkapp we cornered the country, heading south again to Kirkenes, where the cruise ended the following morning and we boarded ...

Tempelfjorden cruise..., Svalbard, Norway travel blog

Tempelfjorden cruise...

A travel blog entry by rich

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... small and would have been crammed had the maximum number of seventy been there. Most of the people who visit Svalbard are from Norway or Sweden, and this trip was no different as I was the only person whose first language was English. It seems that ...

Attractions in North Norway

Norway Attractions (29)
Tromso Domkirke

Tromso Domkirke


Storgata 25, Tromsø, Troms, North Norway, Norway




Bygetunet, Saltnes, outside Rognan Bodø, Nordland, North Norway, Norway

"Road of Blood" Museum of Nazi Prisoner of War camps in Norway, 1942- 1945.

Rock Drawings of Alta

Rock Drawings of Alta


Alta, Finnmark, North Norway, Norway

Svolvaer and its environs

Svolvaer and its environs


All at or close to Svolvaer, Svolvaer, Nordland, North Norway, Norway

Trollfjord boat trips, magnificent mountain scenery and fisheries with great volumes of cod drying in the air.