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Lysebotn, Norway:  Preikestolen Hike & Mishap, Forsand, Norway travel blog

Lysebotn, Norway: Preikestolen Hike & Mishap

A travel blog entry by samber

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... hour long ferry journey down the fjord. Paying careful attention to the narrow windy roads and hundreds of wankerbagos, I swear Norway is just one big winnebago convention, we made it to the picturesque lakeside campground in Lysebotn (better late than ...

Wrong Turn, Lysebotn, Norway travel blog

Wrong Turn

A travel blog entry by amyandlily


... Norway. Since my last blog, things had been pretty successful. I managed to get myself on a ferry across from Denmark to Norway without too much difficulty, and even managed to find somewhere to sleep when I arrived in Norway at midnight! Sounds glamorous ...

What a Climb!, Forsand, Norway travel blog

What a Climb!

A travel blog entry by sethsokol


So, I avoided the crazy 6km at 11% gradient from Lysebotn to the Kjerag parking lot by being cheap, not taking the ferry, and going around the long way. But I didn't avoid the climb. The day started with a nice sunny bath in the stream, followed by an ...

Kjerag - A challengin Peak!, Forsand, Norway travel blog

Kjerag - A challengin Peak!

A travel blog entry by aarveeram


It was a really thrilling experience. I was dumb struck looking at the Fjord beauty. It is a Good Hiking experience. Make sure to have shoes with good grip. For a person who is not into rock climbing this can be rated as a touch one but definately not ...