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Life J-tepe style, Jinotepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Life J-tepe style

A travel blog entry by rpalkovsky

... here which I have been trying to figure out. There are no street signs or traffic lights (well there is one in Jinotepe, but I have no idea how it works), pedestrian cross walks or sufficient sidewalks. The road is constantly cluttered with vans, ...

Sand, Surf, Sunburn, Jinotepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Sand, Surf, Sunburn

A travel blog entry by rpalkovsky


So... I have learn't 4 very important things so far. #1. No bus is ever too full. For anyone who has never seen a standard school bus with 150 people on it, let me tell you, its like seeing fat bastard sweating in a bikini.. busting at the ...

Land of Lakes and Volcanos, Jinotepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Land of Lakes and Volcanos

A travel blog entry by ocular79

As I sit in an internet cafe in Jinotepe, Nicaragua all I can hear is the sound of traffic, traffic and more traffic. I have nine minutes remaining to type my brief summary of my time here so far. I've been in Nicaragua as a Peace Corps trainee for one ...

Independence, Jinotepe, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by rpalkovsky


Sept 15th is the Central American Independence Day. In 1821, Honduras, Guatamala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua all declared the seperation from their ties to Spain and developed their individual governments( at first they wanted to ...