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A very popular and social city, Grenada, Nicaragua travel blog

A very popular and social city

A travel blog entry by aborder

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... the moment. I'm distracted by a nearby horse taking a very large leak, we're talking minutes here!! The city of Grenada is located next to the Nicaragua Lake and there is a small ferry port and beach to explore. On the way I pass the Cathedral and a run ...

Relaxing in Grenada, Grenada, Nicaragua travel blog

Relaxing in Grenada

A travel blog entry by panf007

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... would come back to this beautiful land and visit some the amazing site that we missed this time round. Grenada is located on the shores of Lago Nicaragua, the largest body of fresh water in Central America. The lake actually looked more like a inland ...

where pirates used to attack, Grenada, Nicaragua travel blog

where pirates used to attack

A travel blog entry by ctkoeppel


... -saving health care. Baffling.   So now, on day two of my three-day penicillin fix, my bum is pretty sore, but Grenada is pretty great. Even better now that my sweet, dear hubby has insisted we indulge and move to a luxury hotel nearly four and a ...

Guatemala to Nicaragua, Grenada, Nicaragua travel blog

Guatemala to Nicaragua

A travel blog entry by lucyt

... All is well! We've travelled further south now to reach Nicaragua. We're staying at the colonial town of Grenada which is situated next to Lake Nicaragua. Since we reach here we've had a fantastic week, the highlight being the bay island of Roatan. ...