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Power Cuts in Granada, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Power Cuts in Granada

A travel blog entry by globedecker

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... days, particularly if you are interested in taking some Spanish language lessons.   During our stay in Granada, we realized that Nicaragua has a serious problem with its energy resources.  The power went out several times, included a full ...

Thoughts on Food, Drink, and Costs, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Thoughts on Food, Drink, and Costs

A travel blog entry by andrewandjacque

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So, costs here in Granada: Andrew has discovered that you can buy: 20 oz. water 33 oz. beer 16.5 oz. of 70-proof cane alcohol (aguardiente) 1 bowl of vigoron (fried up pork skins served with steamed yucca and vinagrette coleslaw) 2 thick ...

Weekend get-away, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Weekend get-away

A travel blog entry by jeffsadventures

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This past weekend, my friends from Leon and I went to Granada for the annual "Feria" or street festival. We figured all the tourists that would sign up for hikes would be there and not here so we should be there too! This place is by far the coolest town ...

Bob Marley and the Buses, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Bob Marley and the Buses

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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... spent more time on buses than most Canadians do in their entire lives. Ellen wanted to fly from the city of David, Panama to Managua, Nicaragua. The cost was $273.00. "But we won't see the people, experience the flair." I said. She relented and is now ...