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Teachers in Japan..., Whitianga, New Zealand travel blog

Teachers in Japan...

A travel blog entry by rich

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... avoid, how much holiday I should receive and lots of other things that I have stored in the memory bank. At the moment, I'm obviously still in New Zealand so I am still thinking about that, but as soon as I get home I will switch my attention to Japan ...

In Hot Water, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand travel blog

In Hot Water

A travel blog entry by fyrelizard

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... the shore in torturously twisty fashion, and gives amazing views of isloated beaches, rolling surf and flowering pohutukawas- the New Zealand Christmas tree which bursts into crimson splendour for December and January. It reminded me of Cornwall- with ...

$19 the cost of nature., Coromandel, New Zealand travel blog

$19 the cost of nature.

A travel blog entry by jlaire

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... fast the boat goes. Equipped with speaker system, toilet and swish leather seats we have a very comfortable morning/afternoon fishing on the boat mainly spent asking inane questions to a very hungover Sean and Al, like, "have you ever NOT ...

A derailed train!, Coromandel Town, New Zealand travel blog

A derailed train!

A travel blog entry by rich

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... never experienced anything as bad as on Boxing Day night. Two new guys were in my dorm, and both of them could snore for New Zealand! One of the guys was in the bed above me, and a few prods from below temporarily put him out of action. The other guy was ...