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Edenhouse Motueka

Edenhouse Motueka

5.00 44 reviews

213 Thorpe-Orinoco Road, Motueka, New Zealand

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Apples, Apples, and more Apples, Motueka, New Zealand travel blog

Apples, Apples, and more Apples

A travel blog entry by mtrmsd

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... with Oli and Mike back at the Orchard around the fire with a sufficient supply of alcohol. This beer came from Super Liqour in Motueka. Why do I say this? Because the next day Super Liqour blew up. Rest in Peace Super Liqour. I don't have anything ...

Walking in the rain!, Abel Tasman Coastal Track, New Zealand travel blog

Walking in the rain!

A travel blog entry by rich

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... back in the summer to do the whole track anyway. So after sorting out our plans, we checked into yet another top notch hostel in Motueka, and made our way to the nearest cafe. We both ate lots as we were starving, and we were impressed with the cool, ...

Neslon, Neslon, New Zealand travel blog


A travel blog entry by alexndean

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Neslon ...

Revisiting the Abel Tasman, Motueka, New Zealand travel blog

Revisiting the Abel Tasman

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin

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... of the Abel Tasman walk and we hiked back. It's a very popular walk nowadays and considered one of the "Great Walks" here in New Zealand. Thousands of people trek it every year. Since we didn't have a lot of time to spare, Martin, Steve and I decided ...

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Tasman SkyAdventures

Tasman SkyAdventures


60 College Street, Motueka, South Island, New Zealand

Hang Gliding & Microlights. The only place in New Zealand were you can experience the thrill of open air flight and in one of NZ's most beautiful areas - Abel Tasman National Park. Feel the rush of wind as you speed down the runway and rise effortlessly into the air in one of our factory built microlights. Drink in panoramic mountain and sea views. Experience the effortless beauty of silent flying in our tandem hang gliders.