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Madness or Eccentricity?, Geraldine, onto Mount Cook, New Zealand travel blog

Madness or Eccentricity?

A travel blog entry by emanddave

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... friends has thankfully done explaining the whole experience but please go to: and look at the Geraldine entry (hope its not copyrighted - Xander and Elaine!) After complete bafflement at this and our friends' fascination by ...

Taking a Big Warm Bath with a Bunch of Strangers, Ealing, New Zealand travel blog

Taking a Big Warm Bath with a Bunch of Strangers

A travel blog entry by jackie_n_james

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As planned we got up in the morning and went to the Hanmer Thermal Pools. We found out right away that these are no hot springs. They use mineral water which is suppose to help your skin and all that but every pool we went in we found to be bath ...

Is it a bird?, Geraldine, New Zealand travel blog

Is it a bird?

A travel blog entry by thelees

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Is it a plane? No, it's Super Liquor! Especially for you, Geraldine! hehe ...

Big Tree, Peel Forest, New Zealand travel blog

Big Tree

A travel blog entry by beth

Peel Forest to Akaroa via roads not on the ...

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4x4 New Zealand

4x4 New Zealand


, PO Box 28 Geraldine, Christchurch-Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand

Our tours are aimed at independent travelers who want to get off the main tourist trails to experience the real back country New Zealand, an area that even those of us living here rarely get to see. We prefer to travel with individual groups so we can tailor the tour to your interests (Tolkein, Lord of the Rings, alpine ecology, photography, history of settlement) and stop whenever you want. Andre & Kirsty Russell