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she's from the lost tribe i swear

A travel blog entry by nealinthailand

since my rafting adventure I have been able to escape kathmandu and am now residing in the mountain town of pokhara. ive been through the rockies and ive been to alaska but these mountains are just so much more immense then anything else ive ever ...

groovy baby, Pokkhara, Nepal travel blog

groovy baby

A travel blog entry by nealinthailand

... jaded when the dirty little kids that are constantly panhandling actually cause you to get angry instead of feeling bad for them. nepal is a great place but there is the element of the poor and street kids especially where the westerners are. i have ...

hike, pedal, paddle, Pokkhara, Nepal travel blog

hike, pedal, paddle

A travel blog entry by nealinthailand

... are living off the land, using their buffalo and ox to plow the fields....its all so traditional and unchanged its amazing. yes i suppose nepal is a poor country but thats when you compare it to the u.s. or europe. if a family has their land and some ...