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I hate cows, Khatmandu, Nepal travel blog

I hate cows

A travel blog entry by popgoestheworld

... have!!! The house seems to be getting back to normal. I went sight seeing with a new volunteer and a VSN ( Google Volunteer service nepal if you want to know more about the organiation)staff to see this amazing tibetan stupa. There were lots of monks(oh ...

sniffle sniffle...Nepal, Khatmandu, Nepal travel blog

sniffle sniffle...Nepal

A travel blog entry by popgoestheworld


Well this is it...I finally leaving my home for a month for india tomorrow. I will never forget the kindness, the beauty, and of course dahl baht! I am in Khatmandu again and am going to the orphange and VSN to finally say goodbye. wish me ...

goodbye Pepsi cola, Khatmandu, Nepal travel blog

goodbye Pepsi cola

A travel blog entry by popgoestheworld


Well, yesterday was the last day of my volunteer work and of course there was a strike so I couldn't make it to the school. For the last week I have been at the Unique Model Academy run by a very nice couple. Unfortunately, they didn't have much for me ...

I live in PepsiCola, Khatmandu, Nepal travel blog

I live in PepsiCola

A travel blog entry by popgoestheworld


... in. I finally got some sandals that everyone seems to wear. My host family is lovely! THey are intercaste(still a bit taboo in Nepal) THere are 2 teenage girls, monzuu and her husband. I am terrible with the names here! They have a nice home with a dog ...