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A travel blog entry by traveller_pie

... nearly 2 days straight with nothing to keep me going.   The drive from the border to Khatmandhu was absolutey awesome.  Nepal is stunning.  Much more beautiful and greener than I'd imagined it to be.  On the way we passed ...

Katmandu, Katmandhu, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by batleybound


With traveling getting g there is part of the fun and most of the challenge. If you have wads of cash and a credit card you can go anywhere. There'll be a Hilton on the moon soon. Like with getting to Ayres Rock (Uluru) the journey there can make the ...

my poor bum, Katmandhu, Nepal travel blog

my poor bum

A travel blog entry by nealinthailand

so this is the second posting today, make sure you scroll down after reading this one so u can read the nicer of the two......well i finally left off from darjeeling,having postponed it a few times for various reasons. i could have just bought a package ...

the goddess was not at the window, Katmandhu, Nepal travel blog

the goddess was not at the window

A travel blog entry by nealinthailand

here i am in kathmandu and im loving it! people are a bit nicer and its more laid back then the suicidal pace of life the indians are engaged in and best of all, they kill cows so there is steak for everyone!! i think about 10% of why i like it here so ...