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Thank you India (CONTAINS 2 VIDEOS), Sonauli, India travel blog

Thank you India (CONTAINS 2 VIDEOS)

A travel blog entry by jambo

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... the road.  We pass a sign, only readable with the occasional light of passing vehicles, that tells us we are entering Nepal.  No barricades, no armed guards, no barbed wire, only one small, unlit sign to tell us we have crossed an international ...

Walking Across Chitwan National Park, Chitwan National Park, Nepal travel blog

Walking Across Chitwan National Park

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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... now encircled the park. The key part of this equation involved mosquitoes, carriers of malaria. Earlier, lowland areas of Nepal were only inhabited by the native Tharu peoples, malaria-resistent people supposedly descended from an Indian princess and ...

Awkwaaaaaaard day, Chitwan, Nepal travel blog

Awkwaaaaaaard day

A travel blog entry by lnb203


It was another bright and early start (5.45 to be precise), in order to catch our 6.45 bus. Dramas began early, as Borat and I waited at the arranged location for our companions who were never to arrive. Realising the bus wouldn't wait for us, we set out ...

Trying not to get eaten., Chitwan, Nepal travel blog

Trying not to get eaten.

A travel blog entry by lnb203

  Sometime in the haze the night before, we'd all decided that we'd stay in Chitwan for the morning, in order to do a quick 'safari'. After battling through a number of 'I'm not a morning person' style complaints, we managed to cross the river ...